showing off

When I think, that people argue bullshit everyday to suffer another eight hours in order to make some money, which is not really equivalent to how much they’ve pushed the civilization forward, then to squander those money into something, which pathetically mankind cannot enjoy naturally because they are mankind, for example, following the lane back and forth in swimming pools, or moving Z-shaped to the mountain top, to use the sticks poke the soil and show off that they love nature. But nature is just there. It does not love back. It does not care. When would human beings don’t care and stop showing off?

Day-off and reading day

Having one day-off because of the wisdom teeth op yesterday, yet still have logged in the work pc and checked Emails and schedules for next week for trying to be a quasi workaholic 😉

I have started the book Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea for a while already, today moving forward. It was written by american journalist Barbara Demick, who has reported extensively the North Korean refugees and defectors.

It goes slowly today actually since I have searched so many relevant stories and documentaries online, to have a more concrete impression and to feel the feelings in a closer way.

In 2012, Chinese media have surprisingly post and reported a real story about North Korean defector family, who broke through the Japanese embassy in Shenyang, China for political asylum 10 years ago. This showed that the attitude of China to North Korean refugees had turned into a brighter or more humanistic way. (link:

I watched Joseph Kim’s TED talk. The white audiences were so touched and were giving standing ovation. To be honest, many times I am still confused by the motivation of spreading, obeying human rights, and sometimes, controlling others’ life for an observance. I didn’t say it is a wrong thing. I can not deny that lots of people are helping based on moral principles or because of a bigger word LOVE. But LOVE is too big. Does political correctness lead to love? or does love lead to political correctness? Or there’s nothing, people just do it because it is something correct. But who has ever really defined correctness?

Someone would say I am too naive. No correctness, no rules. I have then to sadly admit that there are the rules in utopia world.


The song at the boundary

I’m comin’ home, I’ve done my time
Now I’ve got to know what is and isn’t mine
If you received my letter telling you I’d soon be free
Then you’ll know just what to do if you still want me
If you still want me

Whoa, tie a yellow ribbon ’round the old oak tree
It’s been three long years, do you still want me? (still want me)
If I don’t see a ribbon ’round the old oak tree
I’ll stay on the bus, forget about us, put the blame on me
If I don’t see a yellow ribbon ’round the old oak tree

Bus driver, please look for me
‘Cause I couldn’t bear to see what I might see
I’m really still in prison and my love, she holds the key
A simple yellow ribbon’s what I need to set me free
I wrote and told her please

Whoa, tie a yellow ribbon ’round the old oak tree
It’s been three long years, do you still want me? (still want me)
If I don’t see a ribbon ’round the old oak tree
I’ll stay on the bus, forget about us, put the blame on me
If I don’t see a yellow ribbon ’round the old oak tree

Now the whole damn bus is cheerin’ and I can’t believe I see

A hundred yellow ribbons ’round the old oak tree
I’m comin’ home, umm-hmm

(Tie a ribbon ’round the old oak tree)
(Tie a ribbon ’round the old oak tree)
(Tie a ribbon ’round the old oak tree)
(Tie a ribbon ’round the old oak tree)

(Tie a ribbon ’round the old oak tree)
(Tie a ribbon ’round the old oak tree)
(Tie a ribbon ’round the old oak tree)
(Tie a ribbon ’round the old oak tree)


Note on “Letters on Wave Mechanics”

I am reading the book “Letters on Wave Mechanics” which collects the correspondences among H.A. Lorentz, Max Plank, Erwin Schroedinger and Albert Einstein.

One part in a letter, which was written by Schroedinger to Plank, reveals the fact that why I did not choose quantum optics as my specialization in my master study, which I knew for long already.

The concept “energy” is something that we have derived from macroscopic experience and really only from macroscopic experience. I don not believe that it can be taken over into micro-mechanics just like that, so that one may speak of the energy of a single partial oscillation. The energetic property of the individual partial oscillation is its frequency. Its amplitude must be determined in quite another way – I believe by normalizing the integral of the square of the total excitation to the value of the electronic charge. 

The professor of Max Plank once tried to persuade Plank not to take Physics as his major and said to him: “In dieser Wissenschaft schon fast alles erforscht sei, und es gelte, nur noch einige unbedeutende Lücken zu schließen.” (In this study almost everything has been researched already, and there is only some unimportant gaps left to be filled.) And Plank answered: “Ich hege nicht den Wunsch, Neuland zu entdecken, sondern lediglich, die bereits bestehenden Fundamente der physikalischen Wissenschaft zu verstehen, vielleicht auch noch zu vertiefen.” (I do not have the desire to discover a new land. I only want to understand the existing foundations of physical science and perhaps even to deepen it.)

The fact is, the micro world is way too sophisticated for me to understand. I don’t have such spirit to deepen the already too abstract foundations. I don’t have interest and I don’t think I would have the ability to seek infinitesimal in infinitesimal. The micro-theories make the world be more “the true, the good, the beautiful”. The macro-handling deals with the civilization level of a society, in a more superficial way.













温德文。德文之“主有位”(Genitive Case)甚有趣,汉文“之”字座主有位时亦与此同,他日拟广此意为作“之”字说。




我看书一向是“一推一”,就是说书中作者提到哪些有意思的东西,我就会有兴趣去找相关书籍看一看。或者作者描述了其他作家的某些有意思的作品,我也会直接记下来之后搜索。比如Alan de Botton的《旅行的艺术》中第七部分“令人眼界大开的艺术”中提到梵高与普罗旺斯的故事,我便之后读了一本收集了梵高写给他弟弟Theo书信的自传《亲爱的提奥》;比如我看了Maugham的《阅读是一座随身携带的避难所》。书中描绘了许多作家当年的八卦轶事,看后决定看一看蒙田随笔。当然,还没有时间来读。(可读的书实在是太多了。)




为了可以更方便更便宜地下载到他的一系列书,之前一直为办不办kindle包月而犹豫的我立马准备开通kindle unlimited。谁知经常给我推送广告的这项服务居然不对海外ip开放。无奈又是一顿折腾,在网上找可以翻墙回国的vpn。捣鼓了一个晚上,终于偶然发现了一个管用的vpn,心惊胆战地连上,祈祷不要断线,这才把这项服务注册好。开通后马上下载了十本胡适的书,把借阅极限填满。


我自己的文学主张,思想演变,都写成札记,用作一种“自言自语的思想草稿”(thinking aloud)。我自己发现这种思想草稿很有益处,就不肯寄给怡荪,留作我自己省察的参考,因此我对于这种札记发生了很大的兴趣,所以无论怎么忙,我每天总要腾出一点工夫来写札记,有时候一天可以写几千字。


Expression is the most effective means of appropriating impressions. 





另,这几天同时另外看的一本书是伊坂幸太郎的《一首小夜曲》。所以写此篇blog的背景音乐便是莫扎特的Eine kleine Nachtmusik.









我搬离马赛之前的那个晚上,我们故作轻松发信息。谁知道其实他就在外面阳台上抽烟。我看到他后说 挺冷的,你回家吧。他说好。


一边享受 一边泪流



周六一早在比上班略晚的一点的起床时间醒来(7点多一点),睡了个迷迷瞪瞪的回笼觉。睡到实在睡不着的时候,起床,洗澡。打开音乐,是California Dreaming。






开网 久更博客


可是在周五的晚上10点钟,这位1und1公司的技术接线员接待一个把路由器设置错误、说着笨拙的德语、因为已经没有网一个月之久而变得火急火燎的我的时候,当他十分耐心一步一步引导我排除故障并重新设置设备的时候,当最后一步完成他让我随便点个网页看是否有网的时候,当我在电话里欢快的跟他说太好了终于有网了的时候,他说:Das ist was ich hören will!!!